Welcome to THE POCCI website!

My name is Matt Pocci and the reason why I decided to build this website is to help other people have the same opportunity that I got from my father in law, Frank Antonio III. I thank him for the opportunity as it has really changed my life for the better.

The Story ……

At the age of two years old, my mom found out that I was deaf and then much later found out that I have epilepsy too.

After hopping around between mainstreamed schools and deaf institutes, I finally graduated high school, gave college the good ole try at California State University, Northridge and got expelled for bad grades.


I decided to go into the working world for the next ten years and I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere above entry-level job positions. One teacher aide job at California School for the Deaf in Fremont required that I take one college class each semester in order to maintain my job. That ignited my motivation to pursue a college education at Chabot Junior College in Hayward, CA with General Education. I then transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology in New York to obtain my degree in Applied Computer Technology.


After my graduation from college, I moved back to San Diego to work in better job positions until July 2014 where I got in a car accident that totally changed my life for the worse. I was labeled the “Deaf Zombie Driver”.  It made the social media internationally. In December of 2015, a jury of 11 women and 1 man found me guilty with a felony charge even though it was about keeping my family out of danger.

With the felony charge, it has totally ruined my perfectly clean and flawless record required in my field of work.  Every job opportunities I could have with the County, State, and Federal agencies were out of question. That is where most of my college major classes are mostly used. My time and hard work in college turned out not to be useful anymore. On top of that, being deaf and trying to find a job that requires good communication skills is twenty times harder than it is for a hearing person.


I thought my life was hopeless at that point until my father in law, Frank Antonio III, introduced me to Kyani. I went to one of their private business receptions and listened to the whole plan that Kyani had to offer.  My gut feelings told me that it was something I can do to keep myself busy until I found a better job. The more involved I became with Kyani, things started becoming very real. It gave me the opportunity to be able to help people change their lives when they really needed it like I did.

It was the best decision I have made and I have never regretted it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me through my contact page and I will reply back quickly as possible.

Thank you very much for reading my website!